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Magic of Candles

Candles have a magical quality about them. Birthdays, religious ceremonies, holidays, marriages and deaths are just a few of the important occasions when we burn candles and celebrate with flame. Candles embody a spirit, which is why we use them during meditation, and light them in churches or when we wish to create a special ambiance. They provide warmth and pleasure and give off a sensual, mysterious light. We would like to share secrets of candle burning with you to help you to implement this positive force in your life.

We have chosen seven colored candles, with each color offering different attributes. For example, red and orange candles are considered to be forward-moving colors; blue is a color that receives energy; and pink is the color that represents gentle loving emotion. Read through the colors to discover these energies that are yours for the lighting!

Red Candles – Confidence
Red candles assist life, love, sexuality, courage, fortitude, vitality, health, and positive action. They are used for emotional stimulation, positive action and physical restoration. If you are at a crossroads in a romantic relationship, or if you just need an extra boost of confidence in confronting a problem that has been nagging you, red candles sound like the option for you. Burn a red candle and reflect on what course of action you need to take to remedy your situation.

Pink Candles Love
Known for being lucky with love, pink candles open hearts and bring forth happiness, love, honor, affection, spiritual awakening, unselfishness, leadership, and diplomacy. This candle is also used for releasing depression, increasing friendship and celebrating a message.

Yellow Candles – Expression
Yellow is a color of expansion, meaning its light energy helps to open up some part of your life. Burning this color candle will assist in communication, expansion, stimulation, unity, success, and concentration. Mental expansion, promoting oneself and joy stimulation can also be results of rituals with this candle. If you are having a hard time expressing yourself, consider burning yellow candles.

Orange Candles – Motivation
Orange is a color of action and for bringing forth organization, friendship, attraction, self-control, intellect, joy, and enthusiasm. Yellow is also used for action manifestation, self-organization, and for obtaining a desired result. Use an orange candle to motivate a particular situation in your life, or for help developing a new idea or plan.

Green Candles – Money
When you are in need of success, luck, money, ambition, peace, harmony, health and healing, use the green candle. Green is the color of balance, but it also attracts abundance, cooperation, generosity and fertility. Green stimulates plant growth, motivates learning and promotes good health. Burn a green candle when you want to attract wealth and prosperity into your life. It also can cleanse discordant energies from your home, while replacing them with new, positive energy.

Blue Candles – Decision Making
The color blue is identified with all faculties of the mind. It is the color of truth, inspiration, wisdom, loyalty, sincerity, devotion, fidelity, and peace and harmony in the home. Blue can also be used for knowledge and perception, as well as for logic and analytical awareness. If you are conflicted in an important decision, especially if it pertains to business or financial matters, a blue candle is the best choice for you. It’s also helpful when you are in need of some new creative inspiration or seeking patience in particularly trying matters.

White Candles – Reflection
Spirituality, wholeness, expansion, cleansing, innocence, and clairvoyance are all represented in the white candle. This color is also known for helping positive energy to flow. Use a white candle when you are in a meditative or reflective mood. It will help to clear your mind and allow for focus on your objective.

Consider using a colored candle the next time you find yourself up against a particular challenge or want to work toward realizing a dream or obtaining a goal. Call on the power of color and to help you to improve your life.