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The Archangel Gabriel


With the Christmas season upon us, Angels seem particularly prevalent, and especially the Archangel Gabriel. However, before speaking specifically about him, a bit of discussion about Angels in general seems warranted. Angels have been with us since mankind has been on the earth. Many cultures and many religions across the globe have recognized and sought the help of Angels throughout thousands of years.

Angels are spiritual beings, neither male nor female, light forms that carry the energy of creation. They may take on a human form to allow us to see them or to act in our world, or be present in our thoughts or instincts — that “inner voice” that we can all hear when we pay attention. They bring feelings of love and comfort when we most need these reassurances. And there are many stories in existence pertaining to their intervention in human lives to help, protect, and heal.

Angels are often divided into groupings called Hierarchy. Closest to humans are angels who act as our guardians and helpmates. Above them are the Archangels, who act as messengers in the service of God. The word “Angel” itself comes form the Greek word “Angelos” meaning messenger. The Hebrew word for Angel, “Malach” also refers to the idea of messenger.

Archangels also do battle with the forces of negativity, working to maintain a positive balance of light and Godliness throughout the Universe. These are the Angels who stand around the throne of God, ready at any moment to carry out the divine decrees. Now to get into the specific attributes and qualities of the archangel Gabriel.

Archangel Gabriel’s name means “God Has Shown Himself Mightily,” or “God Is My Strength”. This angelic horn blower presides over water, emotion, psyche, and movement. Along with the Archangel Michael, he is considered one of the two highest-ranking of all the Archangels.

The Archangel Gabriel is one of the few Angels actually mentioned in the Bible. He first appears in the Old Testament in the Book of Daniel. When Daniel has a vision but doesn’t grasp its meaning, Gabriel comes to explain the meaning of the vision to him. Later, as Daniel prays for guidance, Gabriel appears to him again and offers him wisdom and understanding. In the New Testament, Gabriel is sent to the priest Zacharias to give him the news that his elderly and barren wife, Elizabeth, would bear a child who would grow up to be John the Baptist.

Of course, Gabriel’s most famous visit was to Mary, to bring the good tidings that she had been chosen by God to give birth to his son, Jesus. Gabriel also appeared to Joseph in a dream to relay the message that Mary had not only been chosen by God to give birth to his son, but that she had also been chosen by God to become Joseph’s wife.

Gabriel is looked upon as a very inspirational Angel. He has a tendency to “nudge” us all in beneficial directions. When you’re unsure of your own direction and need guidance, call on Gabriel. When you are in a position where you find yourself thinking about making some sort of big change in your life, Gabriel can give you the clarity of vision that you need. He is above all else, a messenger.

Gabriel is probably best known for being the Archangel who brings news of good tidings, like impending births, just as he did to the mothers of Jesus and John the Baptist, Mary and Elizabeth. For anyone who is yearning for a child, whether a natural one or an adopted one, Gabriel is definitely the Angel to call upon.

With his reputation as a supreme messenger, bearing important and life-changing news, Gabriel is the Angelic Communicator. In his role as messenger, he also acts as a coach for those who are communicators, and he helps artists and writers overcome fear and procrastination.

Gabriel also acts as a healer in that he can help release the body’s toxins, the mind’s impure thoughts, or even the heart’s pain after a horrible ordeal. When you feel you’re under psychic attack from negative influences, call on Gabriel to vanquish them.

He brings wisdom and understanding and helps us find our life’s purpose. With his guidance, we can tap into our deepest selves and learn to trust and interpret our intuition. He brings hope and encouragement and helps banish any negativity. Gabriel will help guide us through life’s challenges and changes.