Love, Relationships and Astrology

Do you want an enduring relationship with someone? The type of person who is a true partner in every sense of the word – someone you can talk to, laugh with, confide in, and rely on. Someone you genuinely and deeply care about – and who also feels the same way about you. Someone who truly wants to be with you, during the good times and the not so good times.

When you’re involved in this kind of relationship, there’s absolutely nothing better. You feel like you’re on top of the world. You also feel like you share real chemistry, as well as a sense of respect and commitment for each other. Not only do you genuinely find each other funny, interesting, and sexy—at least most of the time—but you also generally get along and enjoy spending time with one another.

Although you may squabble from time to time, at the end of the day, the two of you still have something so fundamentally stable and secure that it’s like you’re starring in your own personal Nora Ephron movie. Indeed there’s nothing better than being in an enduring relationship. But it’s finding that lasting relationship that is the hardest part . . .

Astrologers, however, may believe otherwise. And what gives them such insight? They have intimate knowledge regarding the planets of love—Venus and Mars—and how these two planets work together. They can look at your natal chart, along with the chart of that special someone who has captured your heart, and determine whether or not you are two peas in a pod!

Here is how it works. In astrology, Venus is the planet of relationships, particularly romantic partnerships. As hard as it is to believe, we all have a romantic side; the placement of Venus in our horoscope can influence how we communicate in romantic relationships. By studying your Venus Sign, you can determine your “love quotient” – the way that you express affection, your capacity to give and receive love, your attitude toward relationships, what you look for in a potential partner, and how you are likely to relate to someone you love. Venus also reveals your sensual nature, including what gives you pleasure and how you can go about making yourself attractive to a partner.

Next, take a look at the planet Mars in your chart to see which sign it is in and where it is located. Mars represents your drive and passion; it also indicates how you assert yourself and go after what you want in life and in love. Your Mars Sign reveals your desires, what fuels your fire, and how you seek to satisfy your physical needs. This is definitely an important planet when it comes to relationships.

But this doesn’t mean that the stars do all of the work for you! Relationships still require a lot of work. However, the stars can help to reveal certain personality traits and compatibilities, giving new meaning to the expression “it’s written in the stars”!


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