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Decluttering Your Home Using Feng Shui Techniques

Most of us look at cleaning our home as a chore, but revitalizing and organizing your life should be a joyous activity. When there is harmony in the home, all feelings and emotions within the space are harmonious.

Good and Bad Chi

The Chinese view their lives as having chi energy, which is a “cosmic breath.” There is yang energy, or good energy, as well as yin energy, which is negative energy. Tired energy is clutter, whether it is physical, emotional, or spiritual clutter. Dealing with the physical clutter first can make way for a better emotional and spiritual life. By decluttering your home, you push away bad energy and make space for new energy to enter. Bad energy can be created simply by empty water bottles, paper from your printer and junk accumulated over time.


Keep the Chi Going

You can tune into the energy of a room by walking clockwise around and close to the walls. One room to pay close attention to is the bedroom. When chi energy in the bedroom is unwelcoming, this may cause problems between couples. Keep all dirty clothes in a laundry basket. Don’t place junk under, over, or beside a bed. Keep windows clear of clutter. Open the windows and let light and fresh air in. Morning sunlight is the best yang energy!

Keep energy flowing smoothly throughout the home. Watch and observe which rooms in the house everybody tends to gravitate to. Work on those rooms that seem to be somber to you. Colors, music, children, lights, water, and sound contain strong energy, which every room should have. Try painting a room and see how it affects your physical energy! Plants symbolize life and also bring color to a room.

Watch the Negative Energy!

Take extra care with corners where negative energy, cobwebs, and dirt tend to gravitate to. The corner diagonal to the door of a room should be full of good chi. Do not use it for storage and keep it clutter-free.

Blocked energy vibrations have a negative effect on our mental well-being. The entranceway, hall, and staircase are the most susceptible places of being blocked. When your entranceway is clear, it helps good chi enter the home freely. Corridors and hallways move energy from room to room. Staircases should always be clutter free – not only for safety reasons, so that the flow of chi is smooth up and down to the living spaces.

When you feel like you need more space to breathe, it is most likely due to the images in your home disturbing your subconscious mind. Art can be beautiful and a joy to look at, but over time can be distracting and stagnant. Changing the surroundings from time to time is the best way to make you feel better.

Clear Clutter and Stay Neat!

It is important to clear tabletops on a regular basis. When we come home we tend to throw our keys, mail, purse, etc. onto the closest tabletop and things accumulate quickly! Choose decorative objects to place on tabletops and display full bowls or pots as they attract abundant chi.

A well kept and clean kitchen keeps yin negative energy away. Clean the refrigerator at least once a month. Check out all the cookware and throw away broken plates, cups, and bowls. Make sure the garbage is cleaned out regularly. Out of all the rooms in the home, this one is the most vulnerable to yin energy.

It takes some time to get into the habit of decluttering on a regular basis. Realize that if you do not do it, it could be detrimental to your mental, physical, and emotional well-being. It’s easy to do it if you’re single living alone. If you have a family, be sensitive to other family members’ belongings. Have a discussion on the importance of having positive energy in the home and let them know where things should be.

Once you take the step to create positive energy in your home, you’ll see your life change for the better!


~What is Your Pet’s Sign?~

If you ask any pet lover, they will tell you undeniably that pets, like people, have very distinctive personalities. Even pets of the same breed or litter can be vastly different in temperament. If you know your pet’s date of birth, this newsletter will give you new insight into what makes your furry little friend tick. See what the signs say below for your pet.


If you are looking for a pet that is active, protective and not easily frightened, then an Aries is the one for you. This pet has energy to spare, so be prepared to provide lots of physical activity. Because they are always on the go, they have a tendency to be accident-prone. It’s not unusual to see them running into furniture, trees or even other animals! Above all, these animals love the challenge of a good chase. If you don’t want your pet bringing home bugs, birds or heaven knows what else, have plenty of toys on hand so the little critter can play soldier!


If you are looking for a pet that loves the finer things in life (like your nice, warm bed, or favorite chair), then it’s a Taurus you’re after. This is a loyal, loving animal that can develop a stubborn attitude, so early training is very important. However, do be careful not to rely too heavily on treats as a reward for good behavior, because these pets tend to gain weight easily. Loud noises such as arguments or too much activity can be very unnerving to these animals. A Taurus pet much prefers an environment that is calm, harmonious and loving.


If you want a pet that is intelligent, adapts easily to just about any situation, and has an insatiable curiosity, then look for one born under the sign of Gemini. Because these critters get bored easily, it is important to avoid long, drawn-out training sessions. You’ll have much better luck if you stick to several short sessions a day. Although these animals love being around people, they can also have an independent streak. Because of their curious natures, Gemini pets can find lots of things to do when you aren’t around. That’s a pretty scary thought, isn’t it!

Are you interested in a pet that is loving, protective of family and sticks close to home? Then, find one born under the sign of Cancer. These sensitive creatures require lots of love and affection. Nothing makes them happier than cuddling up on your lap–even if they do weigh one hundred pounds! Speaking of weight, Cancer pets love to eat. If you start off giving them table scraps at an early age, be prepared to continue doing so for a long time. These pets are born nurturers. If you don’t want lots of little ones, spay or neuter your pet as soon as possible.


It’s fairly easy to spot pets born under the sign of Leo. There’s a dignified, almost regal air about them. If you are looking for a pet with “show” quality, this is the one for you. These animals thrive on attention. In fact, they demand it! A Leo pet is quite adept at learning new tricks, because “show biz” is in their blood. However, there is one thing you should know about a Leo pet. It can be very stubborn, even arrogant at times, especially when you want it to do something it considers undignified.


Virgo pets tend to be gentle, good-natured, quiet and very sympathetic. They sense when you are not feeling well and will try to comfort you in their special way. Virgo pets are good choices if you have active children. They will take all the roughhousing kids can dish out. However, with too much stimulation, they can become hyperactive and nervous. In fact, they can have stomach problems because of their nervous temperaments. With a delicate intestinal tract, it’s wise not to make too many dietary changes. These animals are also neat freaks, so regular grooming is a must.


If you are in search of a pet that is lovable, social and sensitive, choose a Libra. These animals love when visitors drop by. They can be overly affectionate, so be sure to warn your guests beforehand! Because these critters are so people oriented, they do not like being left alone for long periods of time. In fact, they can get down right rebellious and even destructive when left alone, so it might be a good idea to have a companion for them. Libra pets care about their appearance. Being groomed is the highlight of their day!


Anyone who has ever had a Scorpio pet will tell you that they are extremely loyal and very protective of family members. However, they do not like to be teased as they can be easily provoked. They won’t hesitate to let you know that you are annoying them. These pets have a real stubborn streak. They like being in control. At times, it may be difficult to tell who’s really in charge. Although a Scorpio pet can be a bit of a challenge, it can also be the best friend you will ever have.


If you’re looking for a friendly, adventurous animal, then a Sagittarius pet is a wonderful choice. Although these pets prefer the company of adults and other animals, they will easily tolerate the antics of spirited children. They are also quite intelligent and will attempt to communicate with you in any number of ways, from making odd sounds to jumping up and down frantically in order to get your attention. When you combine a sense of adventure, insatiable curiosity and high-octane energy, you have a pet that could go wandering around the neighborhood for days if you aren’t careful!


Capricorn pets are generally quiet, obedient (when they want to be) and somewhat aloof. They are not particularly fond of overactive children, unless they grow up with them. If that is the case, they will be extremely responsible, protective and very resourceful when it comes to guarding young ones. Although they are not particularly affectionate, Capricorn pets will allow themselves to be groomed, because they like the end result. Beneath the cool exterior beats the heart of a snob! These pets would do well in any type of competition, because they have a real need to be number one!


Watching an Aquarian pet can be a wonderful pastime. These friendly, adventurous animals are more than a little unusual. While they can be stubborn, vain and extremely independent, they can also make you double over with laughter, because they do some very bizarre things. They seem to gravitate toward electrical gadgets, so bolt down the remote control! It is never a good idea to allow a pet to roam about no matter what the circumstances. This especially holds true for an Aquarian pet. They are very friendly and will dash across a busy street to greet anyone they see.


If you have a house full of activity and excitement, then a Pisces pet is not your best choice. These sensitive creatures are shy, introverted and basically loners. They can become high-strung and nervous around loud noises. Although they do not easily warm up to strangers, they will be very loving and affectionate toward family members. They have also been known to be jealous and possessive of those they love. Their feelings can get hurt quite easily, especially if they feel they are being ignored. If you decide to bring home a new pet, it could be weeks before this animal stops sulking!