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An Astrological Family Tree: The British Royal Family

The Stars and Family Connections

While we are all individuals, you may find that you share many characteristics with other members of your family. Is it nature or nurture that leads members of a family to look at life from similar perspectives? Astrological counselors note, when looking at the birth charts of different members of a single family, that patterns are often repeated in the individual charts of the family members.

A birth or “natal” chart is a map of the planetary positions in the sky at the exact moment of birth. These repeated patterns can be as simple as the predominance, down through the generations, of one sign. For example, perhaps one or more of the personal planets – Mercury, Venus, and Mars, as well as the Sun and the Moon – of each member of the family are in the same sign.

In a natal chart, the personal planets represent our individual characteristics. Planets can be described as energies or activators. The signs they fall into at the moment of birth describe the manner or style in which each planet asserts its energy. It is not only signs that may be repeated in family member charts, but also links, referred to as “aspects,” between planets. For example, Mars, the planet representing assertion and aggression, would behave very differently if linked to kind-hearted Venus or the gentle Moon, than if it was connected to stern Saturn or power-hungry Pluto.

If your most obvious family traits are generosity and a laid-back attitude to life, you may find that each member has one of the personal planets in Sagittarius, the sign exemplifying these traits, or that personal planets are in aspect to Jupiter, the planet promoting these traits. If members of your family tends to worry a lot, or need to be in control, you may find that the oftentimes somber, responsibility oriented sign of Capricorn or the serious planet Saturn, is strongly represented in your family’s birth charts.

The “houses” the planets occupy in the natal chart further modify the planets’ energy. The “houses” (numbered one to twelve) are astrological symbols for different areas of our lives, such as home, career, and so on. Sometimes there may be an emphasis on specific houses in the family members’ charts. The first house starts with the sign that was rising on the horizon at the time and place of birth. It, along with the rest of the houses, can be determined by an accurate time of birth.

 The Royal Family

To demonstrate how astrological signs and houses can be highlighted in families, we will examine the natal charts of the British royal family, whose dates, times, and places of birth are all well documented. Let’s begin with the royal sign of Leo. The late Queen Mother’s Sun and Mercury are in Leo, as are the Moons of her daughter Queen Elizabeth II and Elizabeth’s husband, Prince Philip. The rising sign of two of their sons – Prince Charles and Prince Andrew – are also in Leo. Their late aunt, Princess Margaret, and sister Anne, both are Leo Sun Signs. Leaving the immediate family, and going back further, relatives George V and George VI have Mars in Leo and Jupiter in Leo respectively.

Taurus and its opposite sign, Scorpio – signs of wealth and power – are represented in the chart of every monarch from Queen Victoria to Prince William, now second in line to the British throne. Queen Victoria had Mercury in Taurus, her grandson George V, Mercury and Venus in Taurus, great-grandson George VI, Moon and Venus in Scorpio, and Prince William has Venus in Taurus and Jupiter in Scorpio. Queen Elizabeth II was born under Taurus and both her great-grandfather Edward VII and her son Prince Charles were born under Scorpio. Zodiacal signs are measured in degrees, thirty to each sign. To add even more to the mix, Queen Elizabeth’s Taurus Sun is at zero degrees of the sign, as is Prince Charles’s Moon (some astrologers consider zero degrees to be a “critical” or powerful degree). In-laws Prince Philip and Princess Diana also have Venus in Taurus. Venus is the planet that “rules” Taurus and symbolizes both love and money in a horoscope.

Taurus and Scorpio all figure in the charts of Queen Elizabeth’s other children. Prince Edward has Venus in Taurus, while Prince Andrew’s Moon and Princess Anne’s Mars are in Scorpio. Even the next generation follows suit, with Prince Williams’s Venus and his younger brother Prince Harry’s Moon in Taurus. Can all this be coincidence?

Jupiter is the planet that signifies royalty. It is associated with Sagittarius, as well as the ninth house. If we look at Queen Victoria, the three kings, one queen and two kings-in-waiting that have followed her, we can see that Jupiter is prominent in every chart, either because of its house position, or because it is in Sagittarius. In the charts of Queen Victoria and great-grandson George VI, Jupiter sits in the tenth house of career and status. Queen Elizabeth II and her great-grandfather Edward VII have Jupiter in the first house of self-expression, and George V, Elizabeth’s grandfather, and her son Prince Charles, have Jupiter in Sagittarius. Prince William’s Jupiter may not be in Sagittarius, but it is in Scorpio, positioned in a “power zone” of a horoscope. In this case, at the time of the Prince’s birth, his Jupiter was only two degrees from the highest point it could reach in the heavens, and is thus, in a power zone. Add to this the fact that his Jupiter is at zero degrees of Scorpio – exactly opposite his grandmother’s Taurus Sun and his father’s Taurus Moon – and we can see an astrological family pattern taken shape through three generations.

The Significance of Astrology for Royalty

What makes this Jupiter astrological trait in the family so very interesting is that neither Victoria nor George VI were, strictly speaking, “heirs to the throne.” Victoria was crowned because there was no direct heir when her uncle William IV died, and when George VI became king upon the abdication of his brother King Edward VIII in 1936. As such, neither had been groomed as a future monarch. At the time of the abdication, Jupiter was in the sign of Sagittarius and unpredictable Uranus, the planet that often brings about abrupt reversals in our lives, was in Taurus. Both George VI, and therefore his little daughter Elizabeth, had their lives changed forever by this fact.


~Crystals: The Power Within~

Mankind has long been fascinated and awed by the mysterious beauty of crystals. Over centuries and millenniums, we have learned that certain precious and semi-precious stones possess special energies and powers that can enhance and enrich the lives of those who use them. We are sharing some of the magical benefits of five such crystals in the hopes that you can take advantage of the riches they have to offer: the Clear Crystal Quartz, the Rose Quartz, the Aventurine, the Citrine, and the Tiger’s Eye.

Crystal Quartz is one of the most universally used crystals. Almost every rock on earth has quartz as a component. This stone unlocks energy blockages, raises self-esteem and brings harmony and balance back into your life. It tends to enhance and hold onto the vibrations around it. So if you’re going through a difficult period, it can help to absorb negative vibrations around you.This amazing mineral can also be used to channel positive energy toward you. You can deliberately charge it with whatever energy you desire. Just hold your hand over the crystal, think of whatever positive or healing vibration you want to create, and then feel that particular energy flowing down into the quartz.  You can use Crystal Quartz in this way to energize your prayers and wishes, increase your intuition and insight, and help you to work toward your goals. Hold it, envision a goal, and focus clearly. The imprint of your desires is fed into the quartz and will be released back to you, boosting your motivation and enhancing your focus.
Rose Quartz is one of the Earth’s most beloved gems. With its soft pink hues, this stone promotes love and acceptance, and connects positively to the heart so that it can accept love in its many forms. It represents pure sweetness and joy, and that is what this magical gem bestows on those who interact with it. It is no wonder that some people prefer it to diamonds!
Simply holding a bit of Rose Quartz can produce a sense of inner harmony and peace and the feeling that life can indeed be wonderful. Believing that love is all around you is essential to happiness, and Rose Quartz works to open the heart so that love can penetrate. This crystal also helps to heal a broken heart. When love has been withdrawn, Rose Quartz helps to bring hope into the heart and puts a sense of joy back into your life.
Aventurine has long been considered a lucky crystal that promotes wealth and prosperity. It is said to keep your energy attuned to positive outcomes. It is no surprise that it’s the favored stone among gamblers who know the sort of lucky streaks it can generate. Let’s face it, feeling balanced, happy, positive, and hopeful are the necessary ingredients for success.
Nothing provides a stronger boost toward success than expecting good things will come your way. When you listen to speeches of those who made it to the top of their game, an inner confidence is often the key. This green stone helps generate a mentality that instills confidence and growth in your own vision and allows you to go for it, despite odds. It is most definitely a useful stone to keep nearby.
Citrine is the stone of wealth and success. Its gleaming, shimmering, golden yellow color echoes that of gold itself. Citrine creates a vibration of abundance, giving a sense that all good things should and will be flowing with greater regularity and in enhanced amounts. It is no wonder that Citrine is called the “Merchants’ Stone,” as it so readily attracts prosperity and success. Shopkeepers often keep it in their cash registers in the hopes it will help expand their business and fill their coffers.
One of the earth’s most positive gems, Citrine can help to release negative energy from an environment. In addition, it can magically transform dark energy into that which is positive. In order to generate success and happiness, you must believe that you deserve good things and that you are capable of achieving success and Citrine can help you do that. It is an invaluable asset to a desire for success because it can direct on you toward the right path and help to vanquish stumbling blocks-including inner doubts-that may arise along the way.
This golden brown stone with its dark ripples resembles the powerful tiger’s eyes, with the tiger’s instinct and patience to determine the perfect time to strike. The stone is thought to be all seeing, to boost self-confidence and to draw upon the courage of one’s convictions. It aids in the positive use of willpower and provides strength to get through difficult times in life. It is no surprise that ancient Roman soldiers wore Tiger’s Eye for protection when they went into battle.
This stone is extremely helpful when it comes to overcoming challenges and meeting goals. Use Tiger’s Eye to stay calm even in the “eye of the storm.” It will help you to think logically and to utilize patience and timing to make your dreams a reality. It will help you to connect to your inner strengths and abilities, so that you will be in a better position to obtain the outcome that you desire.

~Numerology: The Power Behind Numbers~

Numerology and the Power Behind Numbers

Numbers are all around us. In fact, everywhere we turn! They mark the passing of time and structure it in terms of days, weeks, months, and years. We use them to quantify things in our life as well as to qualify, especially in terms of monetary value. So numbers play a powerful role in our life, sometimes more than we may realize. For example, if you are feeling lucky and pick the right six lottery numbers, you could become a millionaire overnight. Likewise, if you lose money in gambling or in an unfortunate business deal, you might feel that Lady Luck isn’t on your side.

But numbers are much more than quantitative and qualitative systems of measurement. It has long been believed that they exude a kind of mystical power. Since ancient times, there has been speculation on the idea of an intrinsic relationship between numbers and objects or living things. The early Babylonians, Greeks, Christian mystics, Gnostics and Hebrews all developed their own esoteric system to tap into this so-called numerical power or essence. The ancient Hebrews used numerical symbolism in the Old Testament and numerology holds a significant place in the Jewish Cabala as well. The Greek philosopher Pythagoras developed a numerical theory to describe the power behind the universe. In more modern times, renowned physicists Albert Einstein and Niels Bohr both used numerical and mathematical systems to explain the basis of their scientific theories. These are all very complicated and involved ways of considering numbers.

How Numerology Works

Let’s start by looking at numbers in a basic way. Our number system is based on nine numbers between numbers one and nine, which are partnered together, used over and over, to create larger and more complicated numbers. Of course, there is also zero, but it has no numerological value on its own so we won’t include it here. These nine numbers can be broken down into two categories: odd or even. The different numerological systems assign certain qualities or characteristics to these numbers. For example, in a general sense, the odd numbers (1, 3, 5, 7, 9) are considered masculine and dynamic, while even numbers (2, 4, 6, 8) are viewed as feminine and static.

Numerology and Astrology

Numerological systems draw connections between the nine numbers and other esoteric and metaphysical practices. In an astrological system, the planets are given a number and the qualities and energies associated with that planet become associated with the number it is partnered with. For example, the number one corresponds to the Sun, which in astrology is the planet attributed with power, discipline and authority. The number two corresponds to the Moon, characterized by attractiveness, emotions and affection. The number six is connected with the planet Venus, which emulates romance, sensuality and understanding. The following chart reveals the recognized astrological planets and their corresponding numbers:

Numbers Planet

1 Sun
2 Moon
3 Jupiter

4 Uranus
5 Mercury
6 Venus

7 Neptune
8 Saturn

9 Mars


What Numerology Can Tell Us?

Numerology is considered a very complex predictive science. Its various systems provide us with a wealth of personal information about the mysterious and esoteric forces that shape our lives. Depending on the numerological system, we can learn about our talents, obstacles, destiny, character, and our capacity for love, luck and wealth.

Your Life Path Number

To give you the benefit of a numerological system, we are going to show you how to calculate and discover your Life Path Number. This number represents who you are at birth and the character traits that you will carry with you on your journey through life. Once you have completed your calculations for your life path number, you can discover what this number means for you.

Calculating Your Life Path Number

The single whole number obtained from the addition of the date, month and year of your birth is called your life path number. To discover your life path number, follow the example of the calculation below, but with your own birthday. Let’s calculate this number for someone born on April 25, 1970.

4 + 2 + 5 + 1 + 9 + 7 + 0 = 28 (2 + 8) = 10 (1 + 0)= 1

Your calculation: April is the fourth month of the year, so use that number to designate the birthday month and then add the numbers of the day and year. Don’t forget to breakdown your number into a single digit number. As you can see from the calculations above, the life path number is 1. Locate #1 on the list below to see what that life path number means.


1. You like to be first in everything! Your natural inclination places you where you can lead others no matter how small or large the endeavor. In personal relationships, you can be very assertive and like having those close to you show support for your goals and actions.
2. You have a charming, gracious personality that makes people want to be around you. You make friends easily and are a trusting and loyal companion. Very peace loving, you strive for harmony wherever you go and are a model of the spirit of cooperation.
3. You are an excellent communicator and like to express yourself creatively in some form of verbal communication. You’re full of wonderful ideas and love talking about them. You have a great deal of knowledge and talent to share with the world.
4. You are a builder, steadily working to achieve success. Work is very important to you and you’re likely very good at what you do because you are conscientious, give attention to details and like seeing results. Once your mind has been made up about something, there’s no changing it.
5. You enjoy doing a wide variety of things — and do them all well! So it’s no surprise that one of your best traits is your curiosity. You could have many different jobs during your lifetime. Freedom is important to you and plays a part in how your destiny unfolds.
6. Home and family are very important to you and your greatest joy is caring for and nurturing them and they are apt to depend on you for their strength. You are the one everyone runs to when they need a shoulder to cry on because of your sympathetic, loving nature.
7. You have a very original way of looking at life and need to spend alone thinking and studying. Your main goal in life is to acquire wisdom and grow in knowledge. An excellent friend, you befriend a few special people to share your private world and stick by those you grow to trust.
8. You are happiest when involved in a large-scale enterprise. Material things are important to you, as is success. You possess the determination and ability to achieve any goal you set for yourself. You may just need to focus and plan well.
9. You have strong humanitarian leanings and your basic impulse is to help and serve others, even if it might not be in your own best interests. Your loving, giving nature can be beneficially used in any of the healing professions or even giving of yourself in a volunteer capacity.