Love & Aquarius

     There are many planetary factors that determine how two people will interact in a relationship.  Here you can discover how some of the main issues and drives of Aquarius will blend (or not!) with the other sun signs.  So, my friend, check out how well you “mate” with the signs below.

You and an Aries

     A sense of adventure and hope for the future characterize this pairing.  You both may feel there are always battles to be fought – to the extent that you may exhaust each other.  Clear communication about your hopes and dreams will cement this bonding.

You and a Taurus

     This is definitely an interesting pairing that will demand clarity and focus to thrive.  While you both are devoted to your mate, one of you may also have a strong need for independence that threatens the other.  You can work through this, however.

You and a Gemini

     Your initial attraction may be the tie that binds you together permanently.  You both love to share your thoughts and ideas and have an endless supply to keep each other enthralled.  These can be the signs of soul mates.

You and a Cancer

     This match will get your attention and keep your engines revved.  Your unique and often conflicting personalities make this pairing a challenge.  But when it works, few relationships will be more enduring, enriching, and productive.

You and a Leo

     You two can create your own fireworks display.  You are energetic and flashy and love attention.  If you can make this a relationship of give-and-take rather than competition, it can be a powerful match.  You can bring each other to new vistas in many ways.

You and a Virgo

     This can be a productive pairing, as you both strive to make the world a better place.  You do, however, have very different perspectives – one of you envisions the future and the other has their feet planted firmly in today.  But your imaginations can see you through.

You and a Libra

     This is a relationship where ideas and energy flow like electricity.  You two could stay up all night just chatting or debating great social issues.  This may not, however, be a pairing where romantic dinners and weekend getaways are a high priority.

You and a Scorpio

     You two make a tempestuous duo because of your differing values and approaches to life and love.  One may want to delve into emotional issues fully, while the other would rather a volley of ideas and opinions.  Your differences may be the magnet that draws you together.

You and a Sagittarius

     Your similar energies and interests make you a wonderful pair.  You both seek out new experiences and adventures.  You both love exploring the depths of the mind, spirit, and body.  You’ll eat a lot of take-out food on the run, but you’ll have a great time doing it!

You and a Capricorn

     What happens when a maverick meets up with a traditionalist?  This kind of relationship happens.  You may find yourselves at loggerheads more often than you’d like, or you may deeply experience a whole new way of looking at life and love.

You and another Aquarius

     You two will have places to go, people to see, and things to do, that’s for sure.  You will fire each other up mentally and have an endless stream of adventures.  Some will be together and some will be apart, but you’ll always have much to discuss.

You and a Pisces

     The first bloom of this pairing is usually blissful, as you both may experience a sparkling connection, unlike anything experienced before.  You share strong emotions and a cerebral bond that is dynamite.  Just be sure to slow down and check the daily operations.


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