Love and Capricorn

     There are many planetary factors that determine how two people will interact in a relationship.  Here you can discover how some of the main issues and drives of Capricorn will blend (or not!) with the other sun signs.  So, my friend, check out how well you “mate” with the signs below.

You and an Aries

     This is a recipe for romance where opposites attract.  Fire and ice lead to some sparkling encounters with these two signs.  But you have to be careful that one doesn’t dissolve the other and extinguish the flames.  It will take work, but it will be worth it.

You and a Taurus

     You two both have your feet planted on terra firma, so this could be a really productive relationship.  Because you are both practical-minded, even if you experience just a spark, you’ll take your time growing into this relationship and reaping many benefits.

You and a Gemini

     Communication is key to the success of this relationship.  You complement each other with very different styles; one is spontaneous, while the other is organized.  So although you may get on each other’s nerves occasionally, this can be a great match.

You and a Cancer

     Both of you value family and traditional values, so this is a relationship that can make each of you feel loved and protected.  Moods and tensions may arise from time to time, but overall, you balance each other and will be happy, with a bit of work.

You and a Leo

     You two share a love of beauty and the finer things in life.  But you have very different styles.  One is fiery while the other is more down-to-earth.  If you can work well together, the two of you can have great success and satisfaction in your lives.

You and a Virgo

     Fortune smiles on this match.  While it may take a bit of time for you both to realize it, you are a match made in heaven.  With common values and a shared work ethic, this relationship can happily endure anything life may throw in its path and come out shining.

You and a Libra

     You both love the idea of an old-fashioned romance and are willing to do the work it takes to sustain your relationship over the long haul.  And that energy could also translate into career success for one or both of you, given the synergy you share.

You and a Scorpio

     Sparks could fly when you two get together, and since you both love to plumb the depths of your emotions, those sparks could turn to long-lasting flames.  The two of you can generate enough energy and heat to carry you all the way to the top.

You and a Sagittarius

     These two signs can complement each other magnificently or create a muddle of emotions.  It depends on how much each of you wants the relationship to work.  If you’re both committed, great success and romance can be yours for years and years.

You and another Capricorn

     You may not be blinded by the stars in each other’s eyes, but you will be warmed and strengthened by the solidarity and enduring romance you two can generate.  Your similar natures establish a foundation upon which a castle can be built.

You and an Aquarius

     This may not be the easiest partnership to get started, but your two differing natures could set the stage for an interesting ride of romance.  You can each teach the other the value of your point of view and life philosophy.  Fasten your seatbelts!

You and a Pisces

     You can provide for each other the missing pieces of life’s puzzle.  While you will both have to hone your negotiating skills for the match to endure, it could be worth it in the long run, as you each bring a lovely balance to the other.


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