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Now the mystical power places…


Since ancient times, certain locations on our planet have become quietly famous for the powerful energy that invisibly – but tangibly – emanates from them. Some are natural formations, such as caves, healing springs, or waterfalls, known primarily to those who live near them. Others are man-made-burial structures like the Egyptian Sphinx, the great pyramids, or Tibetan temples, and other places of ancient worship, such as Stonehenge. While the energies of these magical places cannot be seen, their effects can certainly be felt.

United Kingdom
It’s also believed that different sites are endowed with different spiritual powers – some of them quite specific: it is thought that they may enhance health; enlighten the soul or spark creativity. The waters of the Chalice Well in Glastonbury, England, for example, have been proven to be amazingly beneficial in myriad ways, but are especially renowned for their restorative powers and their capacity for enhancing natural psychic abilities. The many stone circles – large and small – that are scattered throughout Great Britain are all amazingly potent sources of both psychic and spiritual energy. Among the most famous stone circles are Stonehenge and Avebury Circle, long venerated, fascinating, and mystifying to spiritual pilgrims for centuries. Stonehenge has several circles of giant upright megaliths, holding huge cross-stones on top. The arrangement of the stones creates a natural “astronomical observatory.” The most famous pointer at Stonehenge is the heel stone, which lines up directly with sunrise on Midsummer Day. This ancient place of worship and ritual, the focus of year-round visitors, but particularly during the solstices, dates back to 3000 B.C. and has sparked spiritual insight for thousands.

United States
In the United States, a people known as the Anasazi created a civilization stretching from New Mexico and Arizona to Utah. Anasazi is a Pueblo name meaning Ancient Ones. The Anasazi showed their respect for the sacred in their kivas, temples lying beneath the floors of their pueblos. The walls of the kiva were decorated with paintings (called petroglyphs), the precise meanings of which are unknown. The best-known sites are in Arizona and New Mexico, sacred to the Southwestern American tribes. Another creation of the Anasazi similar to that of other sacred sites is an arrow-straight, thirty-mile road originating at Kutz Canyon in New Mexico. The road has been viewed as a spiritual line, not unlike “ley” lines, and is sometimes also known as a telluric pathway. Native Americans called these lines “the spirit path.”

The island of Kauai in Hawaii features several heiau (ancient temple sites), where Hawaiian priests and ruling chiefs performed spiritual ceremonies. Kauai is the northernmost of the main Hawaiian Islands. Ancient Hawaiian legends associate it with the lost continent of Mu and with the star cluster called Pleiades. With so many sites in so many different countries, you can probably find one in your vicinity. Or you can make a special pilgrimage to one. Be sure to take time to experience the gifts of the Earth – and the magic and inspiration it holds.