What Does Your Pet Think About?

If you have a pet, you may have found yourself wondering things like, “Why does my dog become extremely anxious whenever I take out my suitcase to pack for a trip?” Or “Why does my cat start rubbing up against my leg in an excited manner when I am thinking of feeding her?” Both of these instances can have logical explanations. Your dog might have heard you pull the suitcase out of the closet. Your cat could have seen you pick up its food dish.

Pet Psychics, also known as Animal Communicators, would explain these two circumstances a bit differently. According to Pet Psychics, we communicate with our pets telepathically all the time without even knowing it. Your dog gets anxious and your cat gets excited, not because of your actions, but because of the signals you send with your mind. Pet Psychics take this one step further. They intentionally use their minds to talk to animals. Some Animal Communicators talk to wild animals, but most focus on domesticated pets.

At this point, you’re probably wondering how do Pet Psychics work? Usually the first step with most Pet Psychics is to talk to the pet’s owner, whom they often refer to as human companions. This can be done either in person or via the telephone. They then relay telepathic messages to and from pets. The pets don’t even necessarily have to be present. In many cases, Pet Psychics use photographs or descriptions to make contact.

Why Call a Pet Psychic?

Because humans are so very involved emotionally with their beloved pets, sometimes they just want to ‘check in’ with them. But many people seek the help of Pet Psychics for a very specific reason, such as:

  • Their pet is lost and they want to figure out where it is and how to best encourage it to return home.
  • Their pet is misbehaving and they want to find out the reason why and get their pet to alter its behavior, making it appropriate.
  • Their pet is very sick or badly injured and they are trying to decide what the best course of action is that they should be taking to help their beloved pet.
  • Their pet has died and they want to contact the pet’s spirit.

This type of animal communication is considered a paranormal phenomenon. It’s a combination of telepathy and clairvoyance, which are forms of extrasensory perception, also known as ESP. Most Pet Psychics explain this in terms of ‘Energy.’ According to Pet Psychics, electromagnetic energy surrounds and penetrates everything in the universe. They can use this energy to contact animals, no matter how far away the animals are or whether they are still even living.

Many Pet Psychics describe animal communication as a gift they discovered at an early age. Other psychics began exploring it as adults. While some psychics describe an intuitive understanding of how to talk to animals, others say they learned from books or workshops.

Communicating with Animals

Regardless of differences in when and how Pet Psychics developed their skills, they seem to unanimously describe the same basic steps for talking to animals. Here’s what typically happens:

  • The Pet Psychic relaxes and calms their mind.
  • The Pet Psychic uses their mind to make contact with the animal’s energy.
  • The Pet Psychic visualizes the animal and telepathically says its name to get its attention.
  • The Pet Psychic asks the animal a question, often by transmitting a picture. The psychic may use pictures in addition to or instead of words.
  • The Pet Psychic imagines the animal responding and waits for a response. Many describe the responses as pictures or combinations of pictures and words. A few say that animals respond using childlike voices.
  • The Pet Psychic accepts whatever response they get and acknowledge that they have received it.
  • The Pet Psychic passes the animal’s response on to its owner and asks more questions if needed. The Pet Psychic may also transmit messages to the pet from its owner. If the owner hopes to correct a pet’s inappropriate behavior, the Pet Psychic will visualize the solution rather than the problem.
  • Some Pet Psychics will also scan the pet’s body to diagnose health problems. If the Pet Psychic detects illnesses or injury, they will transmit healing energy to the pet.

In her book, “What the Animals Tell Me,” Pet Psychic Sonya Fitzpatrick describes numerous psychic experiences with animals. She describes animals as surprisingly intelligent and emotionally complex. During her sessions, animals remember events from long past. They experience and vocalize emotions and reflect on their feelings. Other psychics tell similar stories. According to Pet Psychics, animals are conscious, self-aware and able to think and experience emotions the way humans do.

One Pet Psychic Session

In order to better help you understand exactly how a Pet Psychic works, here is one example of an actual Pet Psychic session. These are the actual words of a Pet Psychic, relaying their experience of communicating with a pet:

“I communicated with a 175-pound pot-bellied pig. He spoke right up about how annoying his pen mate was. He told me that she ‘gets in his space’ and it is very irritating. He was perfectly fine as the human’s only companion and kept attacking her (the human) to try to get across how unhappy he was now, being a ‘duo.’ He longed for the old days, when he was a baby and lived in the house. He missed snuggling with the human.

We worked out an agreement that he would be allowed out of the pen each day to spend time alone on the patio with his human. He was so happy. He promptly lay down next to her and fell asleep.

Later, the human had not fully latched the pen gate and the other pig came wandering out. In one of the sweetest moments of my career, he ambled over from across the yard, nudged me with his snout and ever so shyly and softly said, “Excuse me, but you promised me that I could be out here alone.” We promptly locked up the other pig, until it was her time out of the pen.”

Hopefully, this little personal experience of a Pet Psychic has helped you to better understand the whole phenomenon. And you yourself can probably become a Pet Psychic if you would just study your pet’s stance, tail, ears, and eyes in a given situation and can tell if they are happy, scared, curious, in hunting mode, or angry. Give it a try, you might just be stunned by the responses you get from your beloved pet!

If you’re interested in getting in touch with a Pet Psychic, look for one of the professional psychics on ESPchat.com who specializes in pet communications. They would be more than happy to work with your and your pet. And you might learn something from your pet in the process.



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