~Crystals: The Power Within~

Mankind has long been fascinated and awed by the mysterious beauty of crystals. Over centuries and millenniums, we have learned that certain precious and semi-precious stones possess special energies and powers that can enhance and enrich the lives of those who use them. We are sharing some of the magical benefits of five such crystals in the hopes that you can take advantage of the riches they have to offer: the Clear Crystal Quartz, the Rose Quartz, the Aventurine, the Citrine, and the Tiger’s Eye.

Crystal Quartz is one of the most universally used crystals. Almost every rock on earth has quartz as a component. This stone unlocks energy blockages, raises self-esteem and brings harmony and balance back into your life. It tends to enhance and hold onto the vibrations around it. So if you’re going through a difficult period, it can help to absorb negative vibrations around you.This amazing mineral can also be used to channel positive energy toward you. You can deliberately charge it with whatever energy you desire. Just hold your hand over the crystal, think of whatever positive or healing vibration you want to create, and then feel that particular energy flowing down into the quartz.  You can use Crystal Quartz in this way to energize your prayers and wishes, increase your intuition and insight, and help you to work toward your goals. Hold it, envision a goal, and focus clearly. The imprint of your desires is fed into the quartz and will be released back to you, boosting your motivation and enhancing your focus.
Rose Quartz is one of the Earth’s most beloved gems. With its soft pink hues, this stone promotes love and acceptance, and connects positively to the heart so that it can accept love in its many forms. It represents pure sweetness and joy, and that is what this magical gem bestows on those who interact with it. It is no wonder that some people prefer it to diamonds!
Simply holding a bit of Rose Quartz can produce a sense of inner harmony and peace and the feeling that life can indeed be wonderful. Believing that love is all around you is essential to happiness, and Rose Quartz works to open the heart so that love can penetrate. This crystal also helps to heal a broken heart. When love has been withdrawn, Rose Quartz helps to bring hope into the heart and puts a sense of joy back into your life.
Aventurine has long been considered a lucky crystal that promotes wealth and prosperity. It is said to keep your energy attuned to positive outcomes. It is no surprise that it’s the favored stone among gamblers who know the sort of lucky streaks it can generate. Let’s face it, feeling balanced, happy, positive, and hopeful are the necessary ingredients for success.
Nothing provides a stronger boost toward success than expecting good things will come your way. When you listen to speeches of those who made it to the top of their game, an inner confidence is often the key. This green stone helps generate a mentality that instills confidence and growth in your own vision and allows you to go for it, despite odds. It is most definitely a useful stone to keep nearby.
Citrine is the stone of wealth and success. Its gleaming, shimmering, golden yellow color echoes that of gold itself. Citrine creates a vibration of abundance, giving a sense that all good things should and will be flowing with greater regularity and in enhanced amounts. It is no wonder that Citrine is called the “Merchants’ Stone,” as it so readily attracts prosperity and success. Shopkeepers often keep it in their cash registers in the hopes it will help expand their business and fill their coffers.
One of the earth’s most positive gems, Citrine can help to release negative energy from an environment. In addition, it can magically transform dark energy into that which is positive. In order to generate success and happiness, you must believe that you deserve good things and that you are capable of achieving success and Citrine can help you do that. It is an invaluable asset to a desire for success because it can direct on you toward the right path and help to vanquish stumbling blocks-including inner doubts-that may arise along the way.
This golden brown stone with its dark ripples resembles the powerful tiger’s eyes, with the tiger’s instinct and patience to determine the perfect time to strike. The stone is thought to be all seeing, to boost self-confidence and to draw upon the courage of one’s convictions. It aids in the positive use of willpower and provides strength to get through difficult times in life. It is no surprise that ancient Roman soldiers wore Tiger’s Eye for protection when they went into battle.
This stone is extremely helpful when it comes to overcoming challenges and meeting goals. Use Tiger’s Eye to stay calm even in the “eye of the storm.” It will help you to think logically and to utilize patience and timing to make your dreams a reality. It will help you to connect to your inner strengths and abilities, so that you will be in a better position to obtain the outcome that you desire.

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