Famous People

Famous People and Astrology throughout history

For centuries, the powerful, the wealthy and the famous have turned to astrology for answers. Famous people have consulted well-known astrologers and astrology charts to make important decisions that, in many cases, shaped their lives and destinies. Let’s take a look at some of these famous people and astrologers; they might surprise you!

American Presidents and First Ladies

More than a century before President and Mrs. Reagan were faithfully consulting with their astrologer, earlier occupants of the White House were doing likewise. President Lincoln’s wife, Mary Todd Lincoln, sought out the advice of astrologers to advance her husband’s progress into the White House. Once Lincoln had indeed become President, Todd began attending séances, in addition to visiting astrologers. It’s even said that she had been advised that the charts of certain cabinet members, particularly Secretary of the Treasury Salmon Chase and Secretary of State William Seward, looked “injurious” to her husband. Astrologer Cranston Laurie reported strange premonitions in the hours just before Lincoln was assassinated – premonitions that sadly turned out to be right.

The stars also guided Mrs. Woodrow Wilson. Madame Marcia Champney, Washington, D.C.’s foremost astrologer at the time, was Mrs. Wilson’s private advisor. It is said that not only Mrs. Wilson, but also many of Capitol Hill’s elite, visited Champney at her residence on R Street in Washington. Champney told Edith Galt, the future Mrs. Woodrow Wilson: “I can assure you that you will wield power in the White House.”

Theodore Roosevelt was also known to have had a very strong interest in astrology, Roosevelt’s father had consulted an astrologer to “see the tides of fortune” the universe would present to his son, the future President. According to an article by Jane C. Hunter entitled “Roosevelt and Astro-Science,” the President was familiar with his natal chart and the aspects within it. Hunter goes on to say that Roosevelt had even drawn up his own horoscope and “had it mounted on a chessboard on a table in his room.”

International World Leaders

Julius Caesar’s trusted astrologer was Spurina. Caesar turned to Spurina for counsel on matters of war – advice that apparently was quite good. Unfortunately, Caesar should have paid equal heed to Spurina’s more personal predictions – for instance, that the planet Mars foretold violence toward him on the infamous ides of March.
Napoleon Bonaparte regularly sought out the predictions of the famous French seeress Mlle. Lenormand. Napoleon was repeatedly warned not to advance against the Russians – advice that, like Caesar before him, the emperor should have taken. Italy’s Catherine de Medici consulted Nostradamus, indisputably the most famous seer-astrologer of them all, who prophesized, among other things, the Great Fire of London in 1666, the French Revolution, and the rise of Napoleon.

A Famous Scientist
Famous sixteenth-century scientist, Johannes Kepler, taught astrology and the casting of horoscopes. From the planetary motion tables he created, astrologers were able to easily calculate the positions of the planets at any point in time. Kepler’s famous statement to theologians, physicians, and philosophers regarding astrology is still quoted: “While it is reasonable to reject star-gazing superstitions, the kernel should not be thrown away with the shell.” (Meaning that his esteemed colleagues should keep the parts of astrology that worked.)
Clearly, it’s easy to see that astrology has played a much larger role in the lives of the rich and powerful, famous and infamous – and therefore, in history itself—than we are ever likely to know. Unless, of course, we ask the astrologers …


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