How Do YOU Define Success?


How Do YOU Define Success?

How YOU define success is very specific to you. That’s because success is based on our dreams and aspirations. While we may want success in all areas of life, our ability to hanker down and focus in on one particular goal is what increases our chances of actually getting it. So, it is best if we commit to one goal and put our energy in that direction, and that goal should potentially take us where we want to go. It is important to be clear about the kind of success we want. Some of us are taken with Material Success. While others strive for Personal Success or success in our private life, and then there is also Professional Success.


In our culture, Material Success is certainly the most visible or desirable of the three. Material desires can be the accumulation of money, wealth and possessions such as homes, cars, gold, and other material things. For many material success means power and influence, the key to attracting others, the way to impress others.

Personal Success is the success attained in your private life and intimate relationships. This type of success can be the most spiritually rewarding and can translate into a serene and balanced family life, meaningful familial relationships, a beautiful and nurturing home, all which provide feelings of comfort and joy. Or it can also mean an active social life, one filled with many friendships. For some people, the strongest psychic bonds are those between friends. Friendship can lead to a beautiful and loving relationship for a lifetime and result in spiritual bliss.

Professional Success is the success attained in a job, profession, vocation and/or avocation. You may seek a certain position in your company or aspire to obtain a certain goal or recognition in your area of expertise. You may also have a professional approach to a hobby or an interest. No matter what profession you choose, as long as you are happy with your work, you have achieved something very precious.

Ideas about success can vary greatly amongst individuals, so being actively conscious of your personal drive for success is essential if you want to move forward. Your pursuit of your ideal success is propelled by emotional energy that helps direct you down the right path. When used in a constructive manner, this energy is like a powerful talisman. Figure out what you want and go after it. It is one of the important things you can do for yourself. The alignment of your dreams and drives are what will bring you all the happiness, harmony, joy in life and prosperity that you will ever want and need.


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