ESP’s Mysterious Powers

ESP’s Mysterious Powers

People have long spoken of the mysterious phenomenon of the sixth sense, also known as the second sight, the third eye, and even the gift. There is no logical explanation to describe the origin or impetus of these curious communications. But it is certain that prophetic wisdom extends beyond our normal sensory paths and ordinary, day-to-day reality. Throughout history, these powerful messages and visions, communicated to oracles, shamans and saints, and once in awhile, to seemingly ordinary people, have prophesized the rise and fall of rulers and kingdoms and other unforeseen events, sometimes on a universal scale and others focusing on an individual’s life.



    In many ways, ESP faculties are unexplained in medical terms. However, science has studied this type of perception and the term, ESP, which stands for extrasensory perception. This term is attributed to botanist Joseph B. Rhine, who developed an interest in the parapsychology later in his career. He described ESP as a mental ability that allows one to receive or send information without the use of the five main senses.

    To understand the sixth sense, let’s take the example of a television that has five main sensory channels: sight, sound, touch, taste, and smell. You can look at one channel at a time, which allows the viewer to access that sense’s individual function, primarily in the present time fame. ESP can be likened to a new kind of television that offers a sixth channel and a whole new world that you can sense in the past, present and future. In addition, the sixth sense allows you to access several senses at a time.

    You pick up thoughts, feelings or emotions, subtle echoes from the past, future events, the energy of people and places, etc. which is what makes it so rich. Let’s take a look at three specific ESP categories:

  • Telepathy: When you “see” or “sense” a thought, it’s called telepathy. This involves the transmission of information from one mind to another without using body language, words, or other known senses. References to telepathy are frequently seen in popular culture and entertainment. For example, the Jedi in Star Wars and the Vulcans and Borg in Star Trek all were able to communicate at times simply by picking up thoughts with their minds.

  • Clairvoyance: Clairvoyance, a term that means, “clear seeing,” is the ability to perceive information that nobody else knows through you mind’s eye or “inner vision.” With Clairvoyance you are opening up or letting yourself go into a trance state, opening your psychic channels to receive information from entities on the “other side” or messages from the universe. This is what most psychics and medium do. A very vivid example of a second sight prediction came from the noted psychic Jean Dixon, who in 1977 told Oprah Winfrey that one day she would be very famous with an audience of millions.

  • Precognition: Precognition refers to receiving information about an event before it takes place. There are many manifestations of precognition: those who dream about winning the lottery or a contest and later do so, those who hear voices and later discover those voices are real people, and there are those who dream of tragic political events, disasters and natural calamities.

    There are numerous instances where individuals have had their own ESP experiences. Winston Churchill, England’s wartime leader operated on certain premonitions during his long illustrious career as the British Prime Minister. While hosting a dinner party one night at 10 Downing Street, the Luftwaffe launched an aerial assault on London. So commonplace had these attacks become that no one thought of interrupting the dinner, except Churchill. He had a premonition.

    He rose from the table and went into the kitchen and ordered the staff to put the meal on a hotplate. Churchill then instructed his guests and staff to go down to the bomb shelter, and proceed with the dinner. Minutes later, a bomb hit the back of the residence, destroying the kitchen, but thankfully, missing all staff and guests alike. All lived to tell the tale.

    In the end, we all can have psychic experiences at some point in our life. To some people, it’s a natural born gift. Others develop their psychic abilities, becoming more and more aware of their dreams and hunches over the course of time. And finally others may hear that little voice, once in a while, sending them a message.


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